About Us

Discoveries of Hope Foundation (DoH) emerged to address the recessionary needs of charities, and the communities they serve which have been inadvertently affected. We are committed to providing business assistance to non-profit organizations that promote the growth of healthy communities with an emphasis on education, economic development, health, and wellness.

A key part of our philosophy incorporates cause-related outreach and giving. We believe this is essential in order to maintain continual corporate sponsorship involvement with non-profits in support of the projects, fundraising efforts and programs they offer communities.

Charitable sponsorship has become the primary vehicle corporations utilize to demonstrate their social and community responsibility in which they serve. DoH is committed to bridging those relationships, which helps foster healthy philanthropic responsibility and support.

Our campaign “Hollywood for a Cure” events, focus on fundraising in support of charitable causes and continued sponsorship support as well as brand activation. “Cause Giving” is an essential part of sponsorship support, while also being a marketing partner with our sponsors.

For more information about attending one of our events, or sponsoring a Hollywood for a Cure event, see the “Events” tab or “Sponsorship” tab (under events) on our menu bar. Thank you for your interest and support. We hope to see you soon, believe in something and support it you’ll feel better.