Throughout the year, Discoveries of Hope Foundation offers a variety of unpaid internships to provide opportunities for students and recent graduates, aged 18 or older, to receive academic credit and/or valuable work experience in the nonprofit field.

Our internship program aims to cultivate students from many fields and disciplines. We offer interns a substantive learning experience that affords them the opportunity to contribute to our work, and the knowledge, skills and tools they may need to continue in the nonprofit field. We also help our successful interns in career advancement training, interview process role play for future jobs upon graduation, and resume structure and support.

Complementing their individual departmental placement, interns are collectively engaged in a comprehensive program that explores the Discoveries of Hope mission through the agency’s structure as a whole and its role with the charitable organizations we support.

All of our internships are unpaid. Applicants in need of financial aid to support their internships are encouraged to explore potential funding sources through the career services or alumni offices on their campus. Many colleges offer their students scholarships, stipends, or off-campus work-study to facilitate participation in public-interest internships.

Internship Calendar and Application

Interns are accepted on a continual basis throughout the year, depending on internship availability. Generally, there is a minimum of an 8-week commitment of at least 15 hours per week; certain internships may have different requirements. (Other arrangements can be made for a shorter commitment or fewer hours, but it will not be an official internship.).

Application is made by sending a current resume with cover letter to our Volunteer Coordinator. Please indicate which internship you are applying for, the time frame available and any curriculum requirements.

Types of Internships Available

Non Profit Volunteer Coordinator
Marketing & Communication Coordinator
Special Event Coordinator
Fundraising Coordinator
MBA Business Management Internship

Please submit your resume and cover letter to Kathleen Spencer at or fill out the Employment, Internship & Volunteer Application online.