Dear Prospective Sponsor,

Welcome to our 2012-2013 fundraising event campaigns, Hollywood For A Cure™ (HFC) presented by Discoveries of Hope Foundation (www.DiscoveriesofHope.org). HFC is our charity trademark brand which represents our fundraising initiatives for our alliance charity partners.

Autism Speaks, the largest advocacy group for autism awareness is our charity benefactor and partner. However we also work with Autism Care and Treatment (ACT), Walk for Cancer and GLSEN (which advocates against bullying). Please view our website events calendar for more details and sponsorship opportunities.

With your company brand creatively positioned with a recognize charity brand, consumers will know that your company takes socially responsible seriously. As you know, being involved in philanthropy ventures is an essential element of sponsorship activations and cause marketing. Our goal is to assist you in capturing the attention of potential consumers, developing new markets and multiplying your consumer base in an effort to increase sponsorship ROI.

In addition to the charities DoH supports and advocates for, and the subculture groups that define cause branding identity; we also develop relationships with the influencers and tastemakers which are invaluable to fundraising/sponsorship campaigns. As our potential marketing partner, our aim is to build a comprehensive partnership well beyond typical sponsorship activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an important element for consumer brand recognition and continued consumer brand activation of products as well as services of your brands. While consumer spending with companies associated with a worthy cause instills a sense of philanthropy, and activates the public’s desire to give and make a difference, creating brand recall by association when creatively positioned.

Your quantified brand positioning with DoH will help develop consumer activations with a target market that supports your products/services and will be directly associated with your cause of giving campaign activation ROI with Hollywood for a Cure for measurable results.

We invite you to join us as a partner by actively participating in the “Cause of Giving” with Discoveries of Hope. We offer unique branding concepts which challenge typical sponsorship models, and align consumers brand recognition, making indelible corporate brand impressions for long term brand loyalty.

Property sponsorship details are emailed upon your request. For more information on property activation opportunities please visit our upcoming events page from menu bar or email us at info@DiscoveriesofHope.org. Thank you for your time and consideration in advance.


Vice President
Fundraising Sponsorship Sales and Brand Activations